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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I measure?

A Click here for measuring information. Ideally, your horse should fit into the same size on the chart for both width and length. The upper end of the size chart is the actual physical dimension of the inside of the boot.

Q If my horse wears a size 1 Easyboot, what is the comparable size?

A The sizing for the Easyboot Glove is completely different than our other boots. You will need to re-measure your horse in millimeters and look at the size chart.

Q How do I determine the correct size boot, and what is a Fit Kit?

A Measure immediately after a trim. Based on the results we recommend ordering a Fit Kit, this is the best way to ensure you will purchase the correct size glove. This kit comes with three boots—the size you think you need and a half size on either side. This kit comes with complete instructions (and photos) on how the boots should fit. Click here for information on how to order.

Q How do I know what size fit kit to order?

A A fit kit gives you the size you think you need, plus a half size on either side. Measure your horse and look at the size chart for the Glove/Glue-On. You will want to go by your horse’s width. If your horse measures a size #1.5 in width you will need to order a size #1.5 Fit Kit. This will give you a size #1, a #1.5 and a #2 boot.

Q What if my horse has a hoof that is wider than it is long?

A We have designed a wider version of the Glove which may be suitable. We recommend you try a Fit Kit to ensure you select the correct size.

Q I ordered Gloves for my horse but the gaiters don’t fit around his pasterns. They appear to be too short. What can I do?

A There are two reasons why the gaiter might be too short.

  1. Your horse’s heel is too high for the boot or the horse has a very large heel bulb and because of this the gaiter doesn’t fit properly.
  2. You have a large-boned horse.
In the first case, this boot does not fit properly and you should look for another boot in the EasyCare line. In the second case, you may order a gaiter extension from EasyCare.

Q Do they stay on in mud?

A If properly fitted the Glove will stay on through most types of muddy terrain. If you are riding through mud that will suck even a nailed-on shoe off, you may loose a boot as well. If you are riding through extreme mud over a period of time, you will want to consider removing the boots and riding your horse barefoot.

Q Can I wear studs with the boots?

A Yes. The Quick Studs work well, most riders add four studs to each boot.

Q Can I glue the Easyboot Glove on?

A Yes, with cautious application of SikaFlex used sparingly under the sole.

Q Can I buy shells and gaiters separately?

A Yes. Shells come in four-packs and the gaiters to fit those boots are sold individually. Indicate boot/shell size when ordering.

Q Can I use pads with my Glove boots?

A We only recommend using the 6mm (1/4") pads. Anything thicker will compromise the fit. Use our Comfort Pad Chooser to find the right pad for your boot.

Q Do the Glove boots stretch?

A There will be minimal loosening during initial use.

Q My boots come off when I am going uphill or cantering.

A Start with wrapping the hoof with Mueller athletic tape wrapped 3 or 4 times below the coronet band. The goal is to create a better connection between the hoof wall and the boot shell all the way to the top of the boot. If this does not suffice, incorporate the use of Power Straps.

Q What if I lose a screw?

A All screws are replaceable and an Easyboot Glove Screw Set is available.

Questions about the Power Strap for the Easyboot Glove:

Q What are the uses for the Power Strap?

A There are many uses:

  1. The Power Strap helps stabilize the boot in extreme conditions such as speed events, deep mud, highly varied terrain, rocky ground, steep hills, etc.
  2. When properly applied, it helps the boot fit better at the top, giving a completely snug fit. This also helps debris stay out of the boot.
  3. The Power Strap is handy when you want to be able to see the boots better on your horse’s feet or to mark them for individual horses (or hooves).

Q If the Glove doesn’t fit my horse’s hoof shape, will the Power Strap help?

A No. The Glove needs to fit your horse without big gaps or bulges. The Power Strap is for those Gloves who fit fairly well except for a minor gap at the top of the boot. The Power Strap is not a “bandaid" for boots that don’t properly fit your horse.

Q Will the Power Strap make my boots harder to get on and off?

A Yes, it will make the boot slightly harder to apply and remove.

Q How do I apply the Power Strap?

A It comes with a complete set of simple instructions.

Q What colors do they come in?

A They come in 10 colors: black, silver, red, blue, green, yellow, white, purple, orange and pink.


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